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Welcome to Lowther Counseling Services

Welcome to Lowther Counseling Services. We are dedicated to evidence-based practices for healing, empowerment, and personal growth. We specialize in providing a secure and confidential space for clients, supporting the development of better insight into who you are, healthier coping skills, anxiety and depression reduction, addressing substance use concerns, boosting self-esteem, and facilitating recovery from past trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and negative beliefs.


Our comprehensive services also encompass support for pregnancy and postpartum mental health, recognizing the unique challenges and emotional well-being needs during this transformative time. Pregnancy and postpartum trauma, PTSD, trauma and general anxiety are our specialties. Whether you're navigating the journey of parenthood, adjusting to the losses and gains of identity, or seeking individualized care, we are here to guide and support you.


In addition to our personalized services, we proudly extend our expertise to offer consultation services tailored for companies and professional coaching. LCS is committed to fostering a positive and transformative journey towards a better life. Whether you're an individual seeking personal growth or a company looking for comprehensive consultation and coaching solutions to support employees and partners, we are here for you.


Take the first step toward a brighter future – connect with us to explore the possibilities and embark on a path of positive change. Discover why our counseling services are trusted by clients across Orlando and Florida for evidence-based, compassionate care.

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