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Personalized Counseling and Business Consulting

Individual Counseling

If you're in search of high-quality individual therapy sessions with a compassionate and dedicated Licensed Mental Health Service Provider, you've found the perfect place. The provider acknowledges that each person's journey is unique and is committed to accompanying clients on their path to healing and self-discovery.

The provider's approach is grounded in empathy and respect, establishing a secure and confidential space for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences without judgment. Employing a person-centered approach, a trauma-informed lens, being mindful of the mind/body connection, and incorporating EMDR when appropriate, our provider utilizes carefully selected evidence-based methods to foster personal growth, resilience, and healing. This includes the development of healthier coping skills, gaining perspective, providing psycho-education, and offering resources to help establish a deeper understanding of self.

In individual counseling sessions, the provider addresses a spectrum of strengths and concerns, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, physical/somatic complaints, lifestyle, work satisfaction, and life transitions such as death, marriage, divorce, empty nesting, moving, pregnancy and postpartum, menopause, and retirement. The goal is to assist clients not only in healing from the past but also in deepening their understanding of their strengths, themselves, and their emotions. Recognizing that self-discovery is an ongoing process, the provider guides clients in creating a meaningful present and a future aligned with their desires and values. Throughout this therapeutic journey, individuals gain insight into their strengths, cultivate a greater sense of self-compassion, and acquire the tools needed to navigate life's challenges.

Business Consulting for Companies

In addition to individual therapy, Lowther Counseling Services offers specialized business consulting service packages to support employers, managers, and leadership in the workplace. Our consulting services aim to create a supportive and inclusive work environment, addressing the unique needs, questions and challenges of working with employees who have experienced pregnancy loss, deaths and who are in the transformative phases of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood. Improved policies and support for managers and employees increase retention rates, decrease company costs and enhance work satisfaction overall. Managers and leadership often desire being better able at emotionally supporting and communicating with those experiencing life challenges and losses. Reach out today to inquire on how we can best support your company and business.



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